What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 24-hour invention marathon! Over the course of the event, teams of students will get together to design, build, and code their awesome new ideas and inventions!.

What is Hello World?

Hello World is a beginner hackathon designed to help freshman students learn new skills and have fun. It’s only twelve hours, full of cool activities and prizes, and each team will have an assigned mentor to help them learn along the way. Join our mailing list for more updates!

What is CUhackit?

CUhackit is our annual nationwide hackathon in the spring semester, hosted in the Watt Family Innovation Center. Join our mailing list for more updates!

Who is CUhackit for?

If you attend Clemson University and are interested in making and/or learning something awesome, CUhackit is for you! This event is specifically designed to be a great experience for students at any level. If you’re still a little nervous, we also host a freshman-only hackathon in the fall, Hello World.

Why should I attend a hackathon?

First of all, it’s a ton of fun! Twenty-four hours with friends building cool projects, eating free food, and competing for prizes--I mean, c’mon. It’s also a great chance to build out your resume with personal projects and interact with recruiters from companies like Amazon, Google, and more!

Do I need prior programming experience?

Not at all! Typically the best teams have people with all kinds of experience to create awesome projects.

How do I participate?

The application will be released soon, but for now, go to https://cuhack.it to join our mailing list.

What can I create?

The sky's the limit! In the past, we’ve had revolutionary arcade machines, freestyle rap generators, recycling robots, and virtual reality video games. You can create anything you can put your mind to!

How much does it cost to participate?

Absolutely free -- We are paying you to be here (Not really, but you get free stuff!)

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